Sunset Faru

This is a shallow inside reef wall with a wreck at the bottom.

Holiday Beru

This is just of Holiday Island where whale sharks are fairly common but on the first dive we missed the Whale Sharks only to come to the surface and watch everyone 3-400m away swimming with them.

Whale Sharks at Mamagili Beru

2nd dive virtually as soon as we dived a whale shark came over head so we swam with it for appx 10-15min before it went on its way.

Manta Point – 1st dive

Can be busy – there were 13 boats there on our first dive, this is why there are lots of bubbles in the videos but generally divers are courteous to each other. However there is always an exception to the rule and unfortunately we had an aged American who chose not to attend the dive briefing (obviously he knew it all) and therefore missed the part about keeping away from the Manta and proceeded to make a spectacle of himself pretending to fly with the Mantas when what he was actually doing was rolling about on the coral like some punch drunk novice diver and spoilt the experience for most of the people there.

Manta Point – 2nd dive

Chill out on the surface and once everyone has disappeared jump back in – much better, only about 8 divers with up to 12 different Manta

Manta Point – diver tying to remove fish hook from Manta

One of the Manta had a large fish hook sticking out of the bottom of its mouth and the guide try’d to remove it but couldn’t get close enough on this occasion – perhaps another time.


This is a compilation of the 5 dives from Lux so gives a quick over view of the area.