Looking forward to the diving at You and Me especially as they appear to be near Manta feeding areas


Thila, Giri and Faru etc

There are many different names for the types of dives you find in The Maldives and Thila, Giri and Faru are three different examples of reef structures, divers can usually find sites that offer gentle, calm conditions suitable for beginners, as well as more advanced areas which are more exposed to currents. Below is a list of the different names and their meanings.

  • Thila is a pinnacle that is completely submerged in water and can often be large enough to explore the entire area in one dive. Typically, the top of Thila lies at a depth of eight meters and deeper. The coral formation, mostly in a circle shape different diameter, the top of the reef can be crossed by each tide and all weather conditions. Thila can be located inside the atoll or in the channel (kandu). The pinnacle is often exposed to strong currents and is usually covered with amazing soft corals and sea fans; As a rule, most fish can be found at the point where the current runs across a reef. The most important rule on diving in Thila is to dive quickly until the current takes you past the most interesting. Next – just take the side where Thila is washed by the current, and just have time to watch!
  • Giri is a separate reef not connected to the island. They are similar to Thila, but the main difference is that the tops of these coral spots often reach the ocean surface or may even be exposed during low tides. Most of the time around “Giri” there are very few currents, which makes them great sites for novice divers and night dives.
  • Faru is a small fringing reef, often in the shape of a horseshoe, the top of which extends and is visible from the ocean’s surface. Sometimes it breakes the surface and goes outside to deeeps more than 300 meters. Although they are usually of interest only to divers in areas where the current is stronger, the shallow depths around Faru make them popular for snorkeling. Usually Faru roof (the top point of the reef) – depth from half a meter to three.
  • Kandu is a channel that’s connect the inside and outside of the atoll.
  • Haa is it the same like a thila without any coral covered top reef.
  • Fushi is the name for a little island on top of a faru.
  • Finolhu is the name for a small island with limited vegetation.
  • Rha is the meaning of normal sized islands.
  • Atoll, means, a big coral boundery with a huge amount of islands inside, the max depth is around 70m


You & Me is a great location to see some of the Maldives’ most charismatic megafauna, such as manta rays, turtles, napoleon fish, and grey reef sharks. You & Me houses a fully-equipped diving centre, run by certified professionals. The brand new Divepoint-managed dive centre at You & Me in Raa Atoll is perfectly set up for all things diving. Novices can learn to dive and complete their SSI certificate here. Experienced divers can enjoy bespoke dive trips to some of the Atoll’s most vibrant dive sites.


Reethi means “beautiful” IN DIVEHI and Thila means a “pinnacle”. This beautiful dive site is located in North East of You&Me and is close to Fuggiri island in the channel.

  • the distance is 35 minutes by boat the top of this thila starts from 6 to 7 meters
  • the front of the thila face to the Chanel goes down 30 meters below
  • reethi thila it’s a place that we can see gray reef shark, sting rays, eagle rays, schools of bat fish, group of humpback snappers, lobsters, napoleons, silver jack and Hawksbill turtle
  • in the manta season its possible to see the manta in thila
  • it’s a beautiful reef with lots of overhangs, coral blocks, sea fan coral, cable coral, gorgoneia’s, soft corals and stamp corals
  • it’s suitable for all the levels especially Advanced Open Water Divers


Uthuru maafaru corner is a located north of Y&M and can be reached within 30 minutes by boat. Here are some facts:

  • the outside of the reef top starts from 10 meters and gentle slope goes 30 meters
  • the corner of the reef is a long slope with lots of brain corals and cable corals
  • inside reef top starts 5 to 6 meters and it goes down to 25 to 30 meters
  • in this reef it’s possible to see white tip and gray reef shark, eagle rays, sting ray and green and hawksbill turtle, lobsters


This Giri is located in East side of You&Me resort which is the front of the resort. The boat ride takes about 5 minutes.

  • top of the giri starts from 3 to 5 meters
  • the reef slopes go down to 20-25 meters
  • At the north side of the giri is a tree which is drafted by a tsunami
  • fish life is wondeful with napoleon wrasse and all the commune fish life of Maldives
  • its suitable for all the levels


Fuggiri is a small island with a beautiful long beach and is located North of You&Me. The distance is 45 minutes by boat.

  • the outside of the reef top starts from 10 meters and slope goes to 15 meters than it will be a drop of to 30 meters
  • the corner of the reef is a long slope with lots of brain corals
  • in side reef top starts 3 to 4 meters and it goes down to 15 to 18 meters more like a wall with some overhangs
  • in this reef its possible to see white tip reef shark, eagle rays, sting ray and green and hawksbill turtle