Dog Sledding

Had a fantastic day out at Lingsfjord dog sledding then a lovely meal in a Lavu which is a traditional Sami tent. On the way back we saw a few reindeer but Santa Claus was nowhere to be seen!

Dog Sledding2021-10-27T11:26:18+01:00

Northern Lights

The video below is what we saw set to music Apparently there is no need to go to the Arctic - you can see them in Scotland and Northern England The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis We went to Arctic Norway (which is [...]

Northern Lights2021-10-27T11:26:18+01:00


We went to Tromso with main intention of seeing the Northern Lights but also did several other things at the same time. We got a shock at some of the prices: Beer £12 per pint, check out the receipt in Krona! Piza £23 Slice of cake £20 Steak - no chips £45 [...]

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