Helengeli diving

Diving Helengeli in the Maldives Helengeli Island has a wonderful reputation worldwide, for its incomparably exotic house-reef & superb Channel Diving, just meters from the shoreline. [read more="Read more" less="Read less"] The island has a unique location at a primary entrance to Male‘ Atoll, in the middle of a Channel (channel on both sides of the island) [...]

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Diving Kanifushi

Diving Kanifushi in the Maldives There are many dive sites in the atoll but generally the ones dived are the ones closest to Kanifushi and the gallery below shows them. The ones Paul dived were as follows: Medu Faru Kani corner 3 Rocks Kani West Kani Medu Kandu Kani Caves Veyvah Kandu Medu Faru Kandu [...]

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Maldives Kanifushi

Kanifushi in the Maldives After a couple of flights and transfer through Dubai we arrived at Male in the Maldives and were taken to a lounge to await our seaplane transfer to Kanifushi. After boarding the plane the pilot couldn't get it started and although the mechanic, armed only with WD40, managed to start [...]

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Moofushi Manta Videos

We were fortunate to be in Moofushi whilst it was Manta season so virtually every dive no matter where we were or what we'd seen, seemed to end at a Manta feeding station and that was always the highlife! These clips were taken on different days so some times the light/colours are better than others. [...]

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