Central America

Honduras – Roatan

// Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, according to the United Nations, with 87 killings per 100,000, while San Pedro Sula is the world’s most murderous city which was confirmed to us by an American who’s friends father had been abducted, held to ransom and then murdered only a little while before […]

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Honduras – Copan

We decided to give Tikal a miss as some travellers we met en-route said it was a bit like a theme park and instead headed for Copan in Honduras. This was good for us as ultimately we were heading for Roatan via San Pedro Sula. After paying our $3 entrance visa fee we crossed the […]

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Guatemala – Antigua and volcanoes

// We decided not to stay another night in Atitlan but headed on to Antigua, smart move! Antigua is a picture perfect little town with lovely bars restaurants and bars. Whats more it is surrounded by massive volcanoes one of which is currently belching smoke! During the first night there was a tremor from the […]

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Guatemala – People & Markets

// A major feature of life in Latin America is the markets and over the course of this trip we have visited one or two, here are some pics of the people and the markets.

The most famous of all the markets around this area is Cicicastenaga and is apparently the biggest in Central America.

[gallery […]

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Guatemala – Lake Atitlan

A short flight from Managua and we were in Guatemala City. We had a driver arranged to meet us at the airport.  He was busy getting his shoes shined as he’d driven through the night from Honduras to meet us so we had to call at his house first to pick up his clean laundry […]

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El Salvador

When we were in Costa Rica the volcano called Chaparrastique erupted for the first time in 37 years. This is right next to the town of San Miguel and the route that we would have taken to cross the sea from Nicaragua to El Salvador.

Click here to read CNN news about it
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Nicaragua – Managua, Granada and volcanoes

// After a very bumpy ride from Monteverde in Costa Rica, we got onto the longest road in the world, the Pan American Highway – the 2nd time for us in 3 months as we drove along it in California, but here it was called the Pacific Coast Highway.  It was bliss to be on […]

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Costa Rica – Arenal & Monteverde


The drive in from San Jose was 6+ hours so we booked a plane transfer to La Fortuna/Arenal as we did not fancy a long transfer again. So north west to La Fortuna and the hot springs. On the flight, which was on a tiny prop plane, we saw an inverted double rainbow which […]

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Costa Rica – Tortuguero

Our first port of call in Costa Rica was San Jose.  We stayed in a beautiful finca/coffee plantation with lovely views over the Central Valley.  Finca Rosa Blanca is a really quirky place and our room was fabulous.  We did the coffee plantation tour so what we now don’t know about coffee we could […]

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Panama is obviously famous for its canal but is a lovely green country with beautiful beaches and rain forests also. The old city of Panama is being restored and is very atmospheric. But the main reason we visited was to see the canal and indeed transit it, which we did on Xmas day.

An […]

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Central America

We flew into Miami then off to Turks and Caicos to relax and do a spot of diving, hopefully seeing some big sea life. Then off to Panama with a trip through the canal before heading north to Costa Rica. We then went to Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala before Belize and finally onto […]

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