For us this started after San Simeon and this is where you get the really dramatic coastline. We headed past the colony of elephant seals, but only saw juveniles as the mature males were all at sea.  What we did see, however, was a stand off between 3 squirrels and a bull snake that was trying to get into their burrows to eat the young!

The drive up the coast was great and we think we probably did it in the right direction as the sun was never in our eyes and we were always looking at blue sky…

We then did the 17 mile drive around Monterey where all the rich have homes then headed up into Big Basin Redwood Park. This was a bit of a strange drive as the USA federal government, which had shut down had not only closed all national parks but also had turned off their satellites, therefore the Sat-Nav would not work!
Unfortunately, we got mugged in Big Basin by masked intruders, luckily it was only racoons but they did manage to unlock our holds and steal our rubbish!


After a great night at Big Basin Redwoods, we drove along the Skyline Boulevard where you can see both the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately this was the end of our trip in the RV and we thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact so much so that we have decided to go to New Zealand and hire one there, but first we have Central America, Rwanda and the gorillas to see….