Florida Keys

When we went to pick up our hire car they tried to give us a Camaro Convertible saying it was better than a Mustang, but Paul put his foot down and demanded a Mustang. If you're going to go topless in the USA it has to be a Mustang plus Bruce Springsteen stole the gal [...]

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San Francisco

We arrived in San Fran with all national monuments closed due to the federal government shut down, which meant not only that we could not go to Alcatraz, the Golden Gate museum but even public toilets in these areas were shut too. But hey, it also meant there was no one available to charge a [...]

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Pacific Coast Highway – North Section

For us this started after San Simeon and this is where you get the really dramatic coastline. We headed past the colony of elephant seals, but only saw juveniles as the mature males were all at sea.  What we did see, however, was a stand off between 3 squirrels and a bull snake that was [...]

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Death Valley

Despite Death Valley having had flash floods we were assured by a Cal Trans road-worker that the main roads were open so we headed in! The place we booked to stay looked like a car park! So we by-passed it and headed up north towards Scotty's Castle where we found a great camp site, Mesquite [...]

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Before we got to Yosemite we looked on their reservations website and realised there was only one place left in the valley available for 3 consecutive days, so we booked it. What a place! right next to the river with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain.  We couldn't believe how lucky we were! We [...]


Gold Country

This is the area south of Sacramento which played host to the gold rush many years ago and is full of sleepy old pioneer towns. Our first night in this area was on a park owned by the local casino which was well manicured to say the least. Everyone in the USA takes [...]

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Lake Tahoe

First long drive of the trip to Tahoe and what a drive.  At one point crossing through the Sierras we reached over 7,000', well higher than anywhere in the UK! A loop around Lake Tahoe is roughly 60 miles and takes an awful long time but is more than worth it for the beautiful views. [...]

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Napa Valley

Napa Valley, just north of San Fran,  is the home to wine making in California. Our first couple of nights were on a site surrounded by some of the best motorhomes in the world called Prevost.  Out of a total of appx 30 pitches, 6 were occupied by these [...]

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