Chitwan is the national park situated some 200km south of Kathmandu and is home to to appx 125 Royal Bengal Tigers and over 500 rhinoceros. We went there on safari for a couple of nights at the end of our trip as much for a rest but also in the hope of spotting […]

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Unfortunately when we were in Nepal we were unable to get a visa for Tibet as the UK are currently banned from Tibet. Apparently a young monk from Holland self immolated in protest about the Chinese occupation of Tibet and was aided by some other people one of whom was from the UK and […]

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This is a small village set on a hill en route from Pokhara to Chitwan. It is a car free zone and is a little bit like stepping back in time. The village has a real laid back feel and is popular with hippies and back packers. We stayed in an old Newari […]

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Himalayan Mountains


The flights through Nepal and the surrounding countries must be some of the most scenic in the world, weather permitting!
To get the best views you do have to be a little bit cute though!
Generally speaking if you are flying between Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan you will find that the Himalayas are best […]

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We were going to have a night in Kathmandu en route from Bhutan to Pokhara but due to the pollution there we thought we would head straight through, great decision!
Pokhara is so chilled out, you can understand why all the hippies used to come here from Kathmandu.
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We stayed […]

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Annapurna Trek

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We drove from Pokhara to the start of the trek with the most stunning views of the snow-capped mountains. The weather was so clear that we could easily see the plumes of snow blowing off the higher mountains – over 8,000 metres. We started the trek, passing through mountain villages, getting […]

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A short flight on Yeti air and we were into India and off up the mountain road after we fixed the puncture! This is a pretty hairy road with steep drops and lots of vehicles crashed against the cliff face, quite obviously ones that had brake failure and chose to run into the […]

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Bhaktapur and Durbar Square

Just outside of Kathmandu but a world away in terms of noise etc. It’s one of the nicer areas to visit and the air is generally cleaner! Bhaktapur is a really nice, quiet chilled place. We strolled through the narrow alleyways, had lunch in a restaurant with great views over Durbar Square, wandered round […]

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Kathmandu has changed since I was last here, it’s dirtier, noisier and more polluted, but still you can get all your trekking gear for pennies. Best bet is to get outside and enjoy the surrounding areas and possibly stay for only 2 nights. Having said that we did see some fascinating things. We […]

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