Bhutan – Tigers Nest Monastery

Last day in Bhutan and they have kept the best until last. Tigers nest is a 700m walk uphill to the most stunning monastery that we’ve ever seen, thankfully the weather was kind to us. We had a delicious lunch, then had a tour of the kitchens! See video below coming soon……

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Bhutan – Punakha


A wonderful day today travelling from Thimpu to Punakha via the Dochlu Pass at an altitude of 10,000 feet+. Scenery en route was stunning and at the top of the pass there’s lots of small stupas and a botanical garden with thousands of prayer flags. The road was a bit tortuous but worth it […]

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Bhutan – Thimpu

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Bhutan – Paro

Bhutan where the GNP is “happiness”.
Bhutan is not the easiest places to get to. Paro airport, where all international flights arrive, is one of only 3 C class airports in the world. These are airports where the pilot needs to be specially trained to both land and take off with only visual flight allowed […]

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