Bhutan where the GNP is “happiness”.

Bhutan is not the easiest places to get to. Paro airport, where all international flights arrive, is one of only 3 C class airports in the world. These are airports where the pilot needs to be specially trained to both land and take off with only visual flight allowed and the planes specially adapted for these manoeuvres.
La Paz in Bolivia for its extreme elevation and Lukla in Nepal with its inclined runway on the side of a mountain are the other ones!
So after you’ve braved the flight there is a daily tax to pay of $250, this is not as bad as it seems as there is a lot included in the tax that no one seems to mention!

Interesting facts about Bhutan.

One of 43 landlocked countries in the world, Bhutan is about half the size of the state of Indiana.
Bhutan is known as the tiger kingdom but actually translates to “Edge of the Earth.”
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The number one scariest airport landing

Surrounded by the towering peaks of the Himalayas, Paro is one of the world’s most challenging airports for pilots. Indeed, only eight pilots in the world are currently certified to land here. Located in a deep valley, landing involves negotiating a series of mountains, rapid descents and then a steep bank to the left immediately before the much-longed for landing.