Diving Kanifushi in the Maldives

There are many dive sites in the atoll but generally the ones dived are the ones closest to Kanifushi and the gallery below shows them. The ones Paul dived were as follows:

  • Medu Faru
  • Kani corner
  • 3 Rocks
  • Kani West
  • Kani Medu Kandu
  • Kani Caves
  • Veyvah Kandu
  • Medu Faru Kandu
  • The Shipyard

Although there is a Manta cleaning station, there were very few Mantas – mind when you put the dive boat over the cleaning station you cannot expect to see Mantas….. Some of the dives would be aptly named “Stingray Ray Corner/Channel”, “Moray Wall” etc as there was such a profusion of life in certain areas.

Videos of the dives are below – they are taken with a Panasonic camera in an underwater housing using available light (except a couple of instances where the guide has shone a torch on things), with white balance set underwater as near as possible (sometimes off my shirt, sand or a tank….) and then edited in iMovies to shorten the clips and reset the colours as near as possible….

I think next diving I’ll invest in a Go Pro with a light and tray – the whole package will probably be smaller than I have and no doubt the results for close up will give better colours! Or perhaps its better the devil you know….

01-02-16 – Kani West

02-02-16 – Kani Corner/3 Rocks

03-02-16 – Kani Corner

04-02-16 – Medi Varu Corner/Kani Caves

06-02-16 – Kani Medu Kandu – Eagle Rays, Stingrays and Sharks – need I say more.

06-02-16 – Snorkelling with Mantas – this was in-between the first and second dive – we hoped that we would see them at 3 Rocks as there was at least 7 of them…

06-02-16 – 3 Rocks – Reef life

07-02-16 – The Shipyard

07-02-16 – Kani Medu Kandu